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Payables represent accounts that cannabis businesses are obligated to pay. This may include suppliers, loans, and other financial dues. Receivables represent accounts of which money is owed to an organization. Accurate and consistent management of these accounts is important for proper bookkeeping, budgeting, and business planning.

This task can be time-consuming and tedious without the right software and technology. We offer industry-leading payables and receivables management technology and services to keep your profits higher than ever.

Payables and Receivables Services

Accountabis utilizes the latest technology and advanced software to develop a process to streamline the workflow of payables and receivables.

Payable and Receivable Management Includes:

  • New Vendor Setup
  • Customized Onboarding
  • Accounting Integration
  • Analytics
  • Invoicing
  • Self-Service Platform

These services ensure that businesses are never late on the payable accounts which can be an issue that threatens the livelihood of many cannabis businesses. Fast payment processing also ensures that businesses receive funds due in a timely manner.

Benefits of Accountabis Payables and Receivables Management

  • Reduced Billing and Processing Time
  • Workload Reduction
  • Healthy Cash Flow
  • Ensure Long-Term Growth
  • Boost Capital
  • Faster Financial Reporting

These tools are beneficial to businesses that specialize in cultivation, extraction, transportation, manufacturing, and retail.

Benefits of Payables and Receivables

Save Time, Money, and Resources

Payable and receivable management tools save time, money, and allow human resources to focus on other important elements of business

Accountabis also provides consistent review and analysis of accounts payable to identify areas that would benefit from optimization. Data collection also provides businesses with the information required to make wise decisions and better manage cash flow in the budding cannabis industry.

Happier Clients

Clients are happier with the personalized experience and communications of the self-service platform. This platform allows clients to pay their dues quickly in an easy-to-navigate portal.

Industry Compliance

Accountabis also ensures that businesses remain industry compliant. This is critical in the cannabis industry with its ever-changing tax regulations and high liabilities.


Forecasting technology provides cannabis businesses with accurate predictions of client payment behavior. This allows for better budgeting and financial planning for the future.

Reach out to Accountabis today to learn more about how streamlining the process and workflow for accounts payable and receivable can help ensure long-term business success.


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