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Accountabis Advisors offers a comprehensive accounting service to cannabis professionals seeking fiscal efficiency and accuracy. With our expertise in the industry, we make sure that financials are always handled correctly and promptly. We provide first-class services to high-risk businesses, keeping them ahead of their taxes.

Our range of scalable solutions includes weekly bookkeeping, payroll, internal audits, inventory control, payables/receivables and tax preparation. Whatever the size or complexity of your business, Accountabis Advisors is equipped with the skills to ensure a thorough yet streamlined approach to accounting – allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: growing your business.

Accountabis Advisors take the stress out of year-round cannabis accounting with first-rate expertise and customized solutions. Our flexible, compliant services help you stay up to date on taxes without compromising time or resources — so that your business can soar even higher! Get premium accountancy assistance at whatever stage of growth you’re in, guaranteed to make financials hassle-free every step along the way.

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Behind every balance sheet is our passionate team, ready to support your growth.

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Rus Kerr

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Mission Statement

Our company’s mission is to provide exceptional financial services to cannabusinesses aiming to simplify and improve clients accounting process while maintaining 280e compliance year-round.


From meticulous bookkeeping to strategic financial insights, our tailored services are designed with the unique needs of the cannabis industry in mind. Discover how we can help streamline your operations and foster growth.

Weekly Bookkeeping Services

Committed to the cannabis industry, one ledger at a time. Your success is our priority.

Payroll Processing and Management

Streamline your payroll with us. Dedicated expertise for the unique needs of cannabis businesses.

Payables and Receivables

Balance your cannabis business with ease. We manage your payables and receivables, so you can focus on growth.

Internal Audit

Ensure compliance and clarity. Our internal audits are tailored for the cannabis industry’s unique demands.

Inventory Control

Maximize cannabis sector profits with expert inventory control. Optimize your stock for enhanced profitability.

Tax Preparation and Filing

Assisting with preparation of tax returns and ensuring that clients comply with tax filing requirements, including sales tax, payroll tax and income tax.

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