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Inventory Control Services

Accountabis inventory control services consist of a joint effort of our team’s dedication to accuracy and recommended software. Accountabis tracks consumer spending habits and makes projections for inventory needs. Inventory control services keep track of inventory and locations, including the inventory sold, in-use, and storage, while reporting to state regulatory agencies.

Inventory Control Services Include

Choosing the right service to manage your inventory is critical to ensuring that the right products are in stock and not wasted.
The key to inventory control within the cannabis industry is keeping an accurate record of quantities & products for the constant reporting requirements. Inventory management and control are ongoing tasks that require the right resources, tools, and technology. Choosing a software service that is specifically designed for the cannabis industry has the potential to optimize existing inventory.

How Industry Control Can Benefit Businesses

Industry control provides businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to efficiently and accurately record inventory. This is beneficial to businesses across cannabis sectors, including cultivation, transportation, extraction, manufacturing, and dispensary owners.

Satisfied Customers

Customers are satisfied when the products they seek are in stock. This results in improved brand image, increased traffic, and higher revenue.

Eliminates Human Error

The right inventory control software eliminates the possibility of human error of manual inventory. These tools record and manage inventory stock levels automatically.

Minimize Costs

Inventory control reduces costs because this allows businesses to know the locations and conditions of their merchandise. This ensures that the inventory remains in good condition and organized, reducing the potential for losses.


It is important to have the right products in storage, when you need them, without excess. Stock that is in storage and not needed does not benefit the business. Inventory control provides businesses with the information they need to utilize space and meet consumer demand.
When the stakes are high, choose Accountabis Advisors & Management Services. We provide a full-range of financial services your cannabis business needs to succeed.


From meticulous bookkeeping to strategic financial insights, our tailored services are designed with the unique needs of the cannabis industry in mind. Discover how we can help streamline your operations and foster growth.

Weekly Bookkeeping Services

Committed to the cannabis industry, one ledger at a time. Your success is our priority.

Payroll Processing and Management

Streamline your payroll with us. Dedicated expertise for the unique needs of cannabis businesses.

Payables and Receivables

Balance your cannabis business with ease. We manage your payables and receivables, so you can focus on growth.

Internal Audit

Ensure compliance and clarity. Our internal audits are tailored for the cannabis industry’s unique demands.

Inventory Control

Optimize your stock, maximize profits. Expert inventory control for the cannabis sector.

Tax Preparation and Filing

Assisting with preparation of tax returns and ensuring that clients comply with tax filing requirements, including sales tax, payroll tax and income tax.

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